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Venues in Frankfurt

Our Favourite Parks and Outdoor Venues in Frankfurt.

Ideal outdoor fun.

Get in the great outdoor party venues in Frankfurt for an open air, freeing party experience. We know that when it's warmer, nobody wants to be cooped up inside. We've selected some parks, open air restaurants with amazing views and spaces for the sport lovers among us to give you a complete idea of what you can do for your outdoor birthday party.

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Outdoor venues for your party in Frankfurt

Sport Park Frankfurt

For the pro athletes in the making, this sport park offers soccer, bubble soccer, paddle tennis and beach volleyball -  a simple recipe for a great outdoor party. They cater for kids of all ages who want adventure, so if that sounds like your child, then this is the venue for you. Their packages have options for food and ones without.

Contact Details

Phone:    +49 69 870087710


Address:  August-Schanz-Straße 24-26, 60433 Frankfurt am Main


Blaues Wasser

This wonderful open air event space, alongside the river, with benches and tables set atop soft grass, beneath strings of bunting and fairy lights can be transformed into a day or night party space for your special occasion. They can assist with delicious, casual fare and a variety of service providers to get your precisely what you envision for your day.

Contact Details

Email:      events@blaueswasser.net 

Address:  Franziusstraße 35, 60314 Frankfurt am Main



Dine while looking at the Frankfurt skyline at this upscale, chic venue. Their terrace can accommodate up to 160 people, so if you want a bit more of a shebang, especially for older kids, this would do very well. Their catering team can put together menus and buffet proposals to suit  a variety of tastes and dietary requirements. They also have a 'winter garden', a cute café area inside a glass house, so that you can experience the sun but avoid the chill in the winter months.

Contact Details

Phone: +49 69 6897779 34

Email:        event@gerbermuehle.de

Address:  Gerbermühlstraße 105, 60594 Frankfurt am Main


Adventure Playground Park

Your party is what you make it, so make it an adventure. Check out the wooden horse and stable structure and a rocket with a roller slide. On warmer days, their splash areas and dams offer some coolness, with canoes available for your sea adventures. They also have a bakery in the centre of the park for delicious baked delicacies.

Contact Details

Phone: +49 69 561642

Email:      info@wandernspielplatz.de

Address: Raimundstraße, 60431 Frankfurt am Main



This inner city green space that used to be part of the Rothschild family private estate and has a 10 metre tall cimbing tower, a fountain, splash pad, sports courts and a playground, plus ample green space to lounge under the trees. No dogs are allowed, so this is ideal for smaller children as well without fear that someone's loose hound will get snappy happy.

Contact Details

Phone: +49 69 21230208

Email:      info@wandernspielplatz.de

Address: Wetteraustraße 7, 60389 Frankfurt am Main


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